Homeserve Furniture Repairs LTD nominated for “Best small to medium size business” and “best use of technology”

West Midlands based Homeserve Furniture Repairs has made it through to the Express & Star business awards in two categories.

Below we explore these two nominations and what they could mean for Homeserve.

Best small to medium sized business

On the 8th of May, the express and star judges came to Homeserve Furniture Repairs LTD main office in Brierly Hill, West Midlands. It was a positive visit and the judges had some kind words following.

The judges where shown the ins and outs of day to to day operation by James Lane (Managing Director) and Gary Wilkes (Financial Director). They explained to the judges the growth in the last 14 years and also more importantly the last 12 months.

Mr Lane explained that Homeserve was investing in apprentices to provide young people with job opportunities and education simultaneously. Those who qualify are then often offered full time positions.

This will be the second year in a row Homeserve Furniture Repairs have been nominated and made it through to the finals for this nomination. The judges are now making their assessments and the winners will be revealed Thursday 6th June 2019. This category is sponsored by
Higgs & Sons Solicitors.

Best use of Technology

On Tuesday the 14th of May, the express and star judges, plus a special sponsor judge Altodigital.

The judges where impressed with the application of technology at Homeserve driving the company forward. With a bespoke system built by an in house team that spans from web system to mobile phone apps to automated systems such as technician tracking lists and time-slots for customers, the judges where shown from start a finish an experience with Homeserve Furniture Repairs.

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